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Sporthotel Xander looks back on 900 years of history. “Gasthof Xander“, as it was originally called, was the first house in Leutasch to be mentioned by name. Wayfarers were not only served food and drinks, but were also offered rooms.

“Gasthof Xander“ was also popular during the imperial period: Emperor Maximilian I of the Habsburg Empire, who consolidated the position of the Tyrolean province in 1511, spent many days hunting in Leutasch and resided “imperially” in room 101 at „Gasthof Xander“.

Hotel Xander was also the center of village life and activities for many years. According to accounts given by Dr. Ennemoser the mayors of the municipality gave speeches and announcements from an especially built stone platform in front of the entrance of Hotel Xander until the 1960s.

Sporthotel Xander has been owned by Dr. Klaus Ennemoser, a hotelier with heart and soul, for over 35 years. Sporthotel Xander vouches for personal service in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

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